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There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year. So, 31,536,000 divided by 248,300 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 127 seconds, or about 1 every 2 minutes.


Tell us your story. Anon or not, we're here to listen and support you.

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Scary numbers


1 out of every 6 women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.

17.7 million women have been victims of attempted or completed rape.

15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12.

Every two minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

Approximately 2/3 of rapes were completed by someone known to the victim.

60% of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to the police

In the 39% of attacks that are reported, there is only a 16.3% chance the rapist will end up in jail.

Factor in the the unreported rapes and that means 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail - 15 out of 16 walk free.

*All statistics taken from RAINN

From RAINN.org.

From RAINN.org.

This is my story.

I wanted to start this blog because even if you HAVE talked about rape with someone, yours or theirs or even if it just came up in conversation… I wanted people to have a platform to share their rape stories.  Anonymously if they want.  I’m remaining anonymous. :) 

It HELPS to share, don’t be afraid.

This is my story…

I was married at the time.  I had gone to a concert with my husband and had drank way too much.  We had an argument, and the police at the concert decided to take me to the station “for safety”.  They bought me a Sprite and made sure my husband wasn’t abusive at home.  He definitely wasn’t, he was a sweet man.  They asked if I had someone that could take me home… every one I knew was at the concert!

I called a few people and they didn’t answer.  I knew a guy that worked at that particular police station but he was off.  I called him anyway (he was an acquaintance).  He said he would come pick me up right away.

The other police didn’t give it a second thought.  I didn’t either, he’d always been nice to me.

I was still drunk, but I began noticing he wasn’t taking me home.

He took me to HIS house, I vaguely remember him dragging my body up the stairs.

The next memory I have is of him having sex with my body… my mind wasn’t there.  I remember pushing at his arms and pulling my knees up, saying stop…

I suppose eventually he finished and took me home.  I woke up the next morning wondering if it was all a horrible nightmare.  

I logged into Yahoo IM… I sent him a message that just said, “Hey…” and he immediately flipped out.  He said, “Look don’t make this a big deal.”  That’s when I knew it was definitely rape.  (You DO question in your mind, maybe… maybe I was ok with it at the time?) 

I didn’t do anything about it.  Nothing.  I blamed myself for getting so drunk.

That was only the first time I was raped.  I’m a grown woman, with a bachelor’s degree, and was married at the time.  And that’s my story.